Artist Benon Lutaaya

Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Year 2016 & Photography

January 8, 2016 update:

This issue adds videos on New Year's celebration, traditions and resolutions:
  • Steel Wool Fireworks On The Beach
  • Harbin Ice Festival, Northern China
  • 25 Strangest New Year's Traditions
  • New Year's Resolutions 2016
Our photography includes two still-photography spotlights by Marlin Harms:
  • Point Lobos Whaling Museum
  • Fireworks, 2015 Harbor Festival
The photography videos include:
  • William Wegman's Dog Cover, National Geographic
  • Baby Photographers Get Heart-Melting Pics Of Newborns
  • COOPH: 7 Funky Photography Tips
  • Mimi Ikonn: How To Take Good Instagram Photos
  • Alan Van Gysen: Adventure Surf Photography In Madagascar
  • 30 Crazy Photographers Who Will Do Anything For The Perfect Shot
And for young people, we have:
  • Shoo Raynor: How To Draw Happy New Year Lettering 
  • Shoo Raynor, How To Draw A Snowman
  •  Light Writing Experiment

Enjoy the videos and photos. And Happy New Year!


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For Young People
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Shoo Raynor: How To Make A Comic, Part 1

Shoo Raynor: How To Make A Comic, Part 2

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Many Videos Below