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Sunday, April 5, 2015


May 16, 2015 update:
We have changed Art Online e-zine's URL. Be sure to re-bookmark it in your browser.


For our Spring Issue, we have changed the look of Art Online to match the color of cherry blossoms. Our focus is Cartoons & Comic Strips.

We start with a video of the Globe And Mail Editorial Cartoonist Brian Gable explaining his two tribute illustrations for the shooting victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Next we have a two-part PBS video interview of Gary Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury. The video following is "Michael Ramirez Evolution Of An Editorial Cartoon."

The next videos are:
  • Top Ten Comic Strips
  • Simon's Cat in April Showers
  • Simon's Cat in Butterflies
  • Sandra Boynton When Pigs Fly Sung By Ryan Adams

For young people, we have five videos:
  • Marvel Comics, the 80s & 90s
  • Shaun The Sheep Movie Preview 2015
  • Shoo Raynor: How To Draw Cartoon People, Parts One, Two & Three
We hope you enjoy these videos and are having a glorious Spring!


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George Rodrigue

Karen Hull

Sand Art


For Young People

For Young People
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Shoo Raynor: How To Make A Comic, Part 1

Shoo Raynor: How To Make A Comic, Part 2

Nail Art

Many Videos Below

Many Videos Below