Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Year 2016 & Photography

January 8, 2016 update:

This issue adds videos on New Year's celebration, traditions and resolutions:
  • Steel Wool Fireworks On The Beach
  • Harbin Ice Festival, Northern China
  • 25 Strangest New Year's Traditions
  • New Year's Resolutions 2016
Our photography includes two still-photography spotlights by Marlin Harms:
  • Point Lobos Whaling Museum
  • Fireworks, 2015 Harbor Festival
The photography videos include:
  • William Wegman's Dog Cover, National Geographic
  • Baby Photographers Get Heart-Melting Pics Of Newborns
  • COOPH: 7 Funky Photography Tips
  • Mimi Ikonn: How To Take Good Instagram Photos
  • Alan Van Gysen: Adventure Surf Photography In Madagascar
  • 30 Crazy Photographers Who Will Do Anything For The Perfect Shot
And for young people, we have:
  • Shoo Raynor: How To Draw Happy New Year Lettering 
  • Shoo Raynor, How To Draw A Snowman
  •  Light Writing Experiment

Enjoy the videos and photos. And Happy New Year!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Unusual Houses

This issue of Art Online focuses on Unusual Houses, from caves to castles. These include:
  • Would You Live In A Treehouse?
  • Live In A Cave Home
  • Best Small Home 2015 
  • Frank Lloyd Wright House On A Private Island
  • Shipping Container Home In The Redwoods
  • Ambulance To RV Vacation Home
  • Modern Houseboats In The Netherlands
  • Museum Of Miniature Houses
  • Most Beautiful Castles In The World
  • Tiny Manhattan Apartment
For Young People, we have:
  • How To Make A Dollhouse: Beach House
  • Shoo Raynor: How To Draw A Dragon
Enjoy the videos!


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To be written tomorrow We have videos of houses, from castles to shipping-container homes.


Sunday, April 5, 2015


May 16, 2015 update:
We have changed Art Online e-zine's URL. Be sure to re-bookmark it in your browser.


For our Spring Issue, we have changed the look of Art Online to match the color of cherry blossoms. Our focus is Cartoons & Comic Strips.

We start with a video of the Globe And Mail Editorial Cartoonist Brian Gable explaining his two tribute illustrations for the shooting victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Next we have a two-part PBS video interview of Gary Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury. The video following is "Michael Ramirez Evolution Of An Editorial Cartoon."

The next videos are:
  • Top Ten Comic Strips
  • Simon's Cat in April Showers
  • Simon's Cat in Butterflies
  • Sandra Boynton When Pigs Fly Sung By Ryan Adams

For young people, we have five videos:
  • Marvel Comics, the 80s & 90s
  • Shaun The Sheep Movie Preview 2015
  • Shoo Raynor: How To Draw Cartoon People, Parts One, Two & Three
We hope you enjoy these videos and are having a glorious Spring!


Bulldog by Marian Cates

Bulldog by Marian Cates
Click for prints, canvases & various products

Burrowing Owl by Marian Cates

Burrowing Owl by Marian Cates
Click for prints and canvases & products

Jack Sprat Mother Goose Rhyme by Marian Cates, from a vintage illustration

Jack Sprat Mother Goose Rhyme by Marian Cates, from a vintage illustration
Click for prints, canvases & products

Robin Hood by Marian Cates, from a vintage illustration