Artist Benon Lutaaya

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Our summer issue focuses on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for adults and children. These include: 
  • Fourth Of July Nail Art
  • DIY No-Sewing Tutu Table Skirt
  • Create A Bohemian Leather Bracelet
  • Make An Easy Swimsuit Coverup
  • Simon's Cat In "Suitcase."
And for kids, we have:
  • How To Use A Sketchbook
  • Make Giant Flowers
  • Butterfly Face Painting
  • Easy Nail Art For Beginners.
Enjoy watching these great videos and then doing the projects yourself.

And for our U.S. reader/viewers, a heartfelt wish for a safe and fun Fourth of July!


Artist Diana Beltrán Herrera

George Rodrigue

Karen Hull

Sand Art


For Young People

For Young People
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Shoo Raynor: How To Make A Comic, Part 1

Shoo Raynor: How To Make A Comic, Part 2

Nail Art

Many Videos Below

Many Videos Below