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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In response to the great interest you've shown in our Valentine's Day craft videos, we've added several more to our February issue.

The videos we've added are:
  • How To Draw 30 Different Valentine Hearts
  • How To Make A Valentine's Day Gift Bag From An Envelope
  • How To Make A Valentine Wreath
 And of course we continue to show:
  • A Passion For The Pre-Raphaelites by Andrew Lloyd Webber (in 4 parts)
  • How To Make A Valentine's Day Card With Buttons
  • How To Draw A Valentine's Day Rose
You may be interested to know that the video series "A Passion..." by Andrew Lloyd Webber includes a look at Victorian architecture.

Enjoy all the videos. And please leave comments on which ones appeal to you the most.


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